Several Weaseleaks sticky notes posted upon the Garcias' door.
Type: Propaganda Agency
Founder: Bucky B. Katt
Current Leader: Bucky B. Katt
Notable Members: Bucky B. Katt
Date of Establishment: Around January 10, 2011
First Appearance: January 10, 2011

January 24, 2011 (First identified as Weaseleaks)

Weaseleaks is an Anti-Ferret propaganda agency created by Bucky. When the agents posted sticky note "memos" on the wall in front of the Garcias' apartment, this angered Fungo and his friends, which prompted Bucky to attempt to create a pact to protect him from the ferrets, though no one would sign it. Bucky claims most of the "information" was top-secret. In response to this, Fungo and his friends destroyed the door to Bucky's Closet, walled up the hole and used the door's wood to build a planter for revenge. Bucky was furious about this and decided to do all he can into getting back his door, even if he had to drill a huge hole into their bathroom.

Known MemosEdit

  • "4 AM weasel in trash can"
  • "Ferrets raise your taxes." (from "ferrets-as-sponges" file)
  • "Ferrets are ugly"


  • Like many of Bucky's organizations, Weaseleaks' fate remains a mystery, though it's likely that it was dissolved when the ferrets took Bucky's door in retaliation for his posted "memos" that insulted him.
  •  While Bucky claims that Weaseleaks has "many secret operatives", we only ever see Bucky, which may mean that he is actually the one and only member.
  •  The name is an obvious parody of WikiLeaks.

First ApperanceEdit

Wzleaks 1st

First appearance of Weaseleaks.