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  • VarietyPlus

    Operation Wikifix

    December 22, 2014 by VarietyPlus

    I have made a list of things the admins and regular contributers alike can do to help this wiki be more presentable.

    Regular Contributers/Admins:

    • Make pages for all Collections and Treasuries.
    • Add more information to currently empty pages.


    • Add correctly cropped, presentable images to the badge tracks.
    • Protect pages that may be subject to vandalism.
    • Keep users in check (block for breaking the rules)
    • Continue editing the main page so it is constantly up-to-date.

    Any more suggestions to help optimize this Wiki? Suggest it in the comments!

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  • VarietyPlus

    Operation Overhaul

    December 4, 2014 by VarietyPlus

    Admin VarietyPlus here, and I am announcing an effort I have dubbed Operation Overhaul. Vague list of plans for this massive project:

    • A policies page for users to know how to act and what edits can be deemed constructive.
    • Getting the Wikia more known/popular for more users and a larger gathering of Get Fuzzy fans.
    • Suggestions for new users, which should be tied into the policies page. (For example, you should create an account to be identified better, etc.)
    • Give all badge tracks image, 

    Help me add more to this list. We really need to get into shape. I suggest we create a facebook/twitter page for Get Fuzzy Wikia.

    Goodnight! (at least in my time zone)

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  • VarietyPlus

    Get Fuzzy Animated

    November 14, 2013 by VarietyPlus

    Thecrazyweirdo and I have been discussing some stuffs about an animated Get Fuzzy series! Here is our cast so far:

    Buckyfan99 as Bucky Katt

    Thecrazyweirdo as Satchel Pooch

    Thecrazyweirdo as Rob Wilco

    Buckyfan99 as Mac Manc McManx

    More options coming soon!

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  • VarietyPlus


    November 9, 2013 by VarietyPlus


    I had known about this wiki for about a year, but didn't actually edit until September 13. Even then, it was pretty bland. There was close to NO activity, the theme was just white and blue, and looked like it was slapped together in a few minutes. (No offense!)

    After a few edits and hiatus, I asked for Admin from Thecrazyweirdo. He gave it to me. And since then, the wiki has been awesome. When I first created Badges, I saw a user named "Naoh" in the leaderboard. I was like who da heck is he? O visited the profile and saw that he had been the founder. I was shocked he hadn't edited since the founding. Now that he is editing, we have a helping hand around here! :D

    Sincerely, Buckyfan99

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  • VarietyPlus

    Pages Overhaul

    November 7, 2013 by VarietyPlus

    I have noticed some pages around here that are stubs, or have bad grammar and no pictures. Of course I can fix the grammar, but I have not read "The Birth of Canis" or any of the extremely recent strips, so I don't have much info on them. Additonally, we need a few of these:

    Book & Item templates

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