I'm back! Ok, I haven't really "left" per se, but haven't really done much inY too many months. Well, now I plan to change that, with a gameplan to improve the overall status of the wiki, starting with a major overhaul via the addition of a couple of much needed features:

Sourcing, footnotes & references

Yes. This is long overdue. From now on, all inormation on the wiki must be properly cited, to ensure complete accuracy.

If possible, cite the comic strip the information came from using Template:StripRef like so:

However, if you don't know the date of a strip because you read in in a collection, you can use Template:BookRef instead:

  • Bucky once stared at a mirror "all day" because he believed nothing is worth looking at other than himself. [3]
  1. Daily comic strip of January 10, 2003
  2. Daily comic strip of January 03, 2016
  3. The Fuzzy Bunch, Page 56.

Year pages

Another much needed addition. These articles will provide timelines of important events in Get Fuzzy history, both in- and out-of-universe. See 1999 (production) for an example and template.

So, in conclusion

I will try to be much more active from now. And I will contribute to these new projects every Friday (and other days if I find the time).

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