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Take Our Cat, Please!
Book Information
Publisher: Andrews McMeel Publising
Release Date: May 1, 2008
Pages: 128
Collection Type: Collection

Take Our Cat, Please! is the eleventh Get Fuzzy book as well as the eighth collection released on May 1, 2008. It contains all strips from March 27, 2005 to January 29, 2006.

Publisher's Summary Edit

"The humor is a wickedly authentic blend of young-professional-bachelor shtick and pets-from-hell high jinks...and, perhaps best of all, the strip keeps getting better." -Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel

Get Fuzzy was named Best Comic Strip of the Year in 2002 by the National Cartoonists Society.

Satchel, the Shar-pei-Lab mix in the Get Fuzzy family who actually believes what TV commercials say, and his owner-housemate Rob Wilco, a single, somewhat befuddled, Red Sox-obsessed ad exec, endure the scourge of their daily existence, Bucky Katt. Whether baiting the ferret down the hall for battle, gorging on rubber bands (and the ensuing gastric consequences), or joining the gun repair club, Bucky continuously tests the patience and endurance of his hapless mates.

Three Get Fuzzy books, Bucky Katt's Big Book of FunBlueprint for Disaster, and Say Cheesy, have been New York Times best-sellers.

Storylines IncludedEdit

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