Gender: Male
Species/Breed: Dog


Enemies: Bucky Katt
Friends: Satchel Pooch
First Appearance: March 6, 2007

Shakespug is a small pug and a friend of Satchel. He wears a yellow dishwashing glove over the lower half of his body (he explained this was to cover the fact that he had been fixed) and usually applies Shakespearean quotes to his language that are slightly modified to fit the situation ("to be or not to be" is changed to "2b or not 2b" while he plays "Battleship" with Satchel), unless he cannot come up with a quote. He stayed at Rob's apartment for a while along with Mac Manc McManx, Foodar, and Chubby Huggs. Shakespug was the only one of those animals that Rob let stay in the house but was eventually forcefully removed from the house after he woke up Bucky while playing a game of Battleship with Satchel; Bucky threw him out while quoting the line "Out, d****** spot, out I say!" from Macbeth to which Shakespug responded "Zounds! I am stabbed by mine own words!". Shakespug also seems to understand Mac Manc McManx the best through his "britspeak". On one occasion, Shakespug did not speak in a Shakespearean quote, "O, Helter skelter, hang sorrow, care will kill a cat! Up tails all, and a pox on the hangman" (which Bucky pointed out was not Shakespeare, but was Ben Jonson) to apply it to Bucky, to which Bucky replied, "Charlatan".