The S.A.P.S. "Pouitry Slam" (Save the Apes poetry slam (if spelled correctly)) was a poetry slam Bucky used to insult Rob and con Satchel out of money. The admission price was $8. It gave away "Free Sodas" that were really just cutouts from a magazine.

Poems Edit

Cat in a Sink Edit

"Water, water, everywhere.

I didn't do it."

Rhymes with "Slob" Edit

Eenie, meanie, beanie, meanie, teanie, meanie, meanie meanie meanie MEANIE MEANIE MEANIE ROB!

<Unnamed> Edit

"You kill my dream with your dumb,

Life with you is no fun,

I build a shelter out of dung,

It spews plentiful from your tounge,

The one they call "Steal",

The one they call "Bag"

Are a big, pink freak,

And a big, furry drag!

Nuts to you!"