Masters of the Nonsenseverse
Book Information
Publisher: Andrews McMeel Publishing
Release Date: December 13, 2011
Pages: 128
Collection Type: Collection

Masters of the Nonsenseverse, also known as Masters of the Nonsense Universe, is the sixteenth Get Fuzzy book as well as the eleventh collection that was released on December 13, 2011. It contains strips from October 8, 2007 to August 9, 2008.

Publisher's SummaryEdit

Heralded by NPR's On the Media as "perhaps the most successful cartoonist of the new generation", Darby Conley offers up fur-shedding frivolity in Get Fuzzy.

Get Fuzzy follows the day-to-day exploits of beleaguered ad exec Rob Wilco, the mild-mannered guardian of two pets: Bucky, a self-absorbed, bucktoothed Siamese with a penchant for trouble and rubber bands, and Satchel, a gentile, laid-back shar-pei–lab, who frequently finds himself on the receiving end of Bucky's mischief. Inside Masters of the Nonsenseverse, Rob and Satchel watch as Bucky initiates an anti-ferret petition, writes bad poetry, and oversees an exorcism of a possessed litter box. Everyone take note—Bucky is on the case (or quite possibly making up his own) inside this latest Get Fuzzy collection.

Get Fuzzy first appeared in newspapers in 1999. Conley lives in Boston, Massachusetts, with four cats and three boxes of Band-Aids.

Storylines Included Edit

Plot Pg #
Bucky starts an anti-cattle movement. 7-14
Bucky attempts to make musicals with product placement. 16-17
Bucky steals from Satchel's room, claiming to have only "cleaned" it. 19
Bucky proposes a search for unintelligent life on other planets, so that they could be exploited. 22
Bucky creates a philosophy known as "Unidentalism". 23
Satchel begins eating random objects. 25-26
Satchel gets "Restful body syndrome." 28
Satchel attempts to create new words. 28-29
Bucky becomes "Apartment Czar" (Pronounced "Czarpartment" according to Bucky). 31-32
Satchel writes a journal. 34-35
The writer's strike begins. 38-39
The writer's strike: Bucky hires Reed as the "editor" of everything he, Rob and Satchel does. 39-42
The writer's strike: Reed refuses to leave after being fired and challenges Satchel to a "write-off". 44-45
The writer's strike: Reed develops reality TV shows, Rob and company try to remove him. 47-48
Buck writes "poetry" about household objects. 51-52
Bucky follows Satchel around and writes down all his actions. 54
Satchel develops a TV show called "Can I Eat This?". 55
Satchel obtains a model of the Vasa, a ship that that sank mere minutes after launch. Bucky tries to destroy it to "ensure complete historical accuracy". 57-61
Satchel writes a book on legendary creatures, Bucky tries to "correct" it. 63-66
Bucky creates the "Bucktric" system of measurement. 68-69
Satchel uses symbols as swear words, because that's how they're used in comic strips. 71-72
Bucky sends Brother Fluff to "exorcise" his litter box. 74-75
Bucky gives himself, Rob and Satchel "lines" from Dust Bowl Willy, Mac returns. (Possibly another writer's strike storyline.) 81-85
Bucky talk politics, prepares for a primary. 87-88
Rob is confused by Mac. 90
Bucky tries to be "cool" by wearing a hat similar to Mac's. 91
Noodle McDougal tries to get revenge on Bucky for beating him up; Satchel becomes Bucky's assistant. 93-98
Rob tries to stop Satchel from eating out of the trash can. 100-101
Bucky tries to sell pro-communist merchandise. 101-107
Satchel breaks Bucky's stool. 109-110
Bucky starts a national petition to ban ferrets. 110-113
Joke On You Day; Jurgen Döggen tries to kill Bucky for indirectly giving him a peanut brittle can full of springs. 115-119
Bucky prepares for a Monkey Invasion. 121-124
Bucky beats Satchel with office supplies. 127-128


This collection along with Survival of the Filthiest is part of The Stinking.