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The following is a list of minor products in Get Fuzzy.


Soda has appeared in the strip in many minor appearances. There have been two types so far- Pow! and Snap Cola. Pow was only shown earlier on in the strip, and has not been seen for a long time.

Pow! sodaEdit

Pow! is a soda liked by Bucky, he usually drinks it out of a can with a straw when watching TV, especially during the strip's early days. It is often used as a symbol of Bucky's non-caring.


  • Bucky was the only person to ever hold/touch Pow! soda.
  • Rob took a sip of Snap Cola, on it's only appearance.


Type: Fast-food restaurant chain
First Appearance: Possibly November 10, 1999

McDoodle´s is a parody of McDonald´s . It is a fast-food restaurant and the menu items seem to be a parody of various McDonald´s or Burger King menu items.

Known Products Edit

Howdy Meal Edit

Its a Happy Meal with a toy, it's where Bucky and Satchel got Smacky and Smiley respectively.

Big Slopper Edit

A giant hamburger.

Chez ChangEdit

Chez Chang is a Chinese Restaurant visited by Rob, Bucky, and Satchel. Bucky didn't like the restaurant because they don't serve tuna.

History Edit

Bucky chose Chez Chang as the restaurant they would eat at, but tried to order tuna and learned that it isn't on the menu. Satchel used one of the chopsticks to impersonate Bucky demanding tuna. Chez Chang may be the restaurant rob gets takeout Chinese food from.

Location Edit

Chez Chang may be in the Boston Chinatown.

Trivia Edit

If Chez Chang is where Rob gets his takeout Chinese food, then Chez Chang takeout cases have the Character for "Dog" printed on them. Ironically, the Character is not the Chinese version (狗), but the Japanese Kanji for dog (犬), which have major differences.