Throughout it's run, Get Fuzzy has been through some controversial events.

Pittsburgh Edit

On October 30, 2003, residents of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, reacted negatively to a Get Fuzzy strip. Bucky is observing brochures when he asks for one "primarily based on smell". A travel agent hands Bucky a brochure from the Pittsburgh Board of Tourism. Pittsburgh officials denounced the strip. Darby Conley received hate mail, and even death threats. Conley later stated he was shocked about the amount hate mail he got, and said he would be apologizing for the certain strip.

The apology took in an unusual form-on November 17, 2003, a series of strips took place acknowledging the incident, and made many jokes saying that other states or cities where causing the smell - even one option being "Darby Conley's @$$" This failed to appease many of the offenders and offended.

Bob LobelEdit

On May 13, 2005, a strip of Satchel, Bucky and Rob, sitting on a couch almost got Darby Conley sued. The strip was left out of The Potpourrific Great Big Grab Bag of Get Fuzzy and Take Our Cat, Please!

Dialogue: Edit

  • Satchel: Is this sportscaster.....drunk?
  • Rob: Lobel? Who knows, He's like some TV outreach program or something.
  • Bucky: Yet he looks pretty smart compared to you.
  • Rob: If you were a man, right now would be go time.
  • Bucky: No, if you were a man, you wouldn't be afraid of a little kitty-cat!
  • Satchel: Guys, guys! How can you fight when there is a drunk guy on TV?!


The TennesseanEdit

A strip where Bucky recieved a faulty racoon suit was replaced with a rerun by The Tennessean, due to Satchel using the word "Coon", which is sometimes used racially against blacks.