Gender: Female
Species/Breed: Human
Friends: Rob Wilco

Bucky B. Katt (Not Mutual)

First Appearance: October 18, 1999

Laura is one of Rob's neighbors. She is very kind and good intentioned. Rob thinks she is "cute". She thinks Bucky is cute and doesn't understand the way he acts, often thinking he is mistreated.


Laura was moving into an apartment next door to Rob's, where she found Bucky under her sofa, she returned him to Rob, who later invited her over. After Bucky was injured by tripping over himself wearing baggy pants, he had to wear a cone, Laura was horrified by this. At one point, Laura gave Rob a violet, tough Bucky quickly ate it. 



  • Laura left the strip in October 24, 1999, but made a brief return in January 31, 2000

First AppearanceEdit

Laura 1st

Laura's First Appearance.

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