Gender: Female
Species/Breed: Human
Friends: Rob Wilco

Satchel Pooch

Bucky B. Katt (Apparently)

First Appearance: September 12, 1999

Kellie was once Rob's girlfriend until Bucky ruined a dinner for them prepared by Satchel by sneezing in it. Satchel said that "she [seems] nice". Bucky claims that Kellie is on his "friends" list (though that is yet to be proven), and say that she is "classier then most of the trash Rob dates".  


  • Kellie has the honor of being the first recurring character introduced in the strip other than the main cast.
  • Kellie was originally a regular until she left the strip in October 11, 1999.
  • Unlike most characters, Kellie was introduced in Sunday strip.

First AppearanceEdit

Kellie 1st

Kellie's first appearance.