Joe Doman
Gender: Male
Species/Breed: Human
Occupation: Advertiser
Current Location: France (as of 2007)
Friends: Rob Wilco

Bucky Katt

Satchel Pooch

Joe Doman is Rob's co-worker, college classmate, and friend. He is also one of the few people who gets along reasonably well with Bucky. He also pet-sat Bucky and Satchel a few times. He also comments on the strange eating habits of the Wilco household when he is over for dinner.

He is African-American, and his name may be a parody on the phrase "you da man". He could also have Germanic, Slavic, or Magyar heritage, given that "Doman" is a surname which comes from the German, three Slavic, and the Magyar languages.  Although for a period of time Joe was popularly cast throughout the strip, he is not often seen because he got a job in France. During the Monkeywhere? series of strips, he was seen briefly when Rob called him. Joe is also a fan of golf, having worn a jersey of the national team on a golf outing. Joe was originally drawn with beady eyes, but they later, Darby drew them more detailed.