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I'm Gluten Furious
9781449463014 frontcover
Book Information
Publisher: Andrews McMeel Publising
Release Date: April 19, 2016
Pages: 250
Collection Type: Treasury

I'm Gluten Furious is the twenty-fourth Get Fuzzy book as well as the eighth treasury, containing strips from You Can't Fight Crazy and Clean Up On Aisle Stupid!, and released on April 19, 2016. It contains all strips from April 24, 2011 to May 25, 2014.

Publisher's Summary Edit

Everything in moderation...

The Get Fuzzy gang is back, and they're leaner and meaner than ever. Bucky Katt (mastermind of mayhem) is on a steady diet of raw bacon, Beluga nut crunch, and carpa-cola in order to fit into his El Megaroid superhero suit-oatmeal cans are very slimming these days. The hapless and hopeless Satchel Pooch is in the kitchen perfecting his recipe for Rubber Chicken l'orange in a crayon/marker reduction sauce. And poor Rob, the vegetarian and "owner" of the bunch, ia scrounging for scraps in the midst of this gastronomical fury.

Delicious and satisfying, this treasury of cartoons features a healthy serving of favorites from Clean Up On Aisle Stupid! and You Can't Fight Crazy. Don't feel guilty for polishing it off in one sitting. Honestly...

...Moderation is overrated.

Storylines Included Edit

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Trivia Edit

  • This is the eighth official Get Fuzzy treasury.
  • This is the last official Get Fuzzy treasury to contain daily strips.
    • This is also the last Get Fuzzy book to contain daily strips.