Book Information
Publisher: Andrews McMeel Publishing
Release Date: September 2, 2002
Pages: 256
Collection Type: Treasury

Groovitude is the is the third Get Fuzzy book, although it is the very first treasury, containing strips from The Dog Is Not a Toy and Fuzzy Logic: Get Fuzzy 2, and was released September 2, 2002.  It collects all strips from when the strip began in September 06, 1999 to March 25, 2001.

Publisher's SummaryEdit

Debuting in 1999, Get Fuzzy has rocketed to the top of the charts. Get Fuzzy has become a hit cartoon with its bitingly funny portrait of single life with pets.

And why not? The laughs come fast and furious. Get Fuzzy features Rob Wilco, a single, mild-mannered advertising executive who's the so-called guardian of Bucky and Satchel, anthropomorphic scamps that still live by their animal instincts. Bucky, a temperamental cat who carries a boom box and goes on spending sprees, definitely calls the shots in this eclectic household, while Satchel is a kindly canine with a sensitive soul who tries to remain neutral, even though he bears the brunt of his feline companion's mischief.

Between the three of them, the Wilco household faces a whole host of trials and tribulations that classify them as family. Satchel wants his boundaries respected. Bucky refuses to eat vegetables but insists on snarfing up Rob's plants. Rob tries to meet women, but his pets continually subvert his efforts. In every frame, Get Fuzzy depicts the hilarious war between the species, giving the animals an equal footing in hilarious one-upmanship.

Get Fuzzy is the comic strip for everyone who loves their pets with an attitude. That said, Groovitude is Get Fuzzy at its finest.

Storylines IncludedEdit

Plot Pg #
Bucky goes on a spending spree with Rob's credit card. 11-12
Rob and Satchel try to take Bucky to the vet. 17-18
Bucky gets the flu; Kellie comes over for dinner. 23-26
Laura visits the apartment; Bucky tries a new "look". 29-31
Bucky Becomes the spokescat for Sparky Tools. 35-36
Rob gets new glasses. 43-44
Rob gets diet food for Bucky and Satchel. 45
Bucky has a date. 44; 47-48
Bucky gets literally scared stiff of a mouse. 53-54
Christmas 1999. 54; 57-58
New Year's 2000. 60
Bucky and Satchel make fun of the commercials Rob wrote. 68
Rob tries to get Bucky to eat veggie loaf. 71-72
Rob goes on a date with Kate and leaves Satchel in charge. 74-77
Bucky wants to get a job. 77-78
Bucky writes a book. 78-80; 130
Bucky joins a Cat-tivist rally. 87-90
Bucky invents "Post-Modern Deconstructionalism" 96-102
Rob goes on a business trip; Francis petsits Bucky and Satchel. 103-108
Bucky goes on another date. 115
Bucky tries to impress is girlfriend by growing his fur out, then tries to remove it when he fails. 115-120
Bucky calls a psychic. 120-124
Satchel tries to join the american purebred club. 129-130; 133
Bucky finds out he's from New Jersey. 133
Bucky creates a TV show called "The Cathouse". 135-139; 147-148; 168-173
Bucky tries to get a new nickname. 141-142; 205
Rob tries to clean Bucky's Blanket. 144-145
Bucky and Rob try to catch files. 150
Bucky insults Rob's cooking. 151
Bucky gets a coonskin hat. 153-154
Bucky gets a credit card. 159-162
Bucky breaks something with his hammer. 163
Bucky goes to a golf course. 173-174
Bucky, Rob and Satchel go to a Chinese restaurant. 175
Bucky wants a raise in his allowance. 175-176
Rob uses a sock puppet to mess with Bucky. 178-179
Bucky enslaves Satchel to make soccer balls to sell. 184-188
Bucky breaks every light bulb in the apartment; Joe comes over. 190-191
Halloween 2000. 193-194
Rob Takes a Night Class. 196-197
Bucky steals Satchel's Gamebuddy thinking it was a Palm Pilot. 199-200
Rob takes Bucky and Satchel to his mom's for Thanksgiving. 202-203
Bucky senses an incoming earthquake. 212
Rob gets toothpaste for Bucky and Satchel. 215
Christmas 2000. 217; 219
Bucky makes fun of things on TV. 223
Bucky performs "magic". 224
Rob prepares for Bucky's birthday. 227
Bucky steals Rob's guitar. 229-230
Francis petsits Bucky and Satchel. 235-236
Bucky tries to tell jokes. 239
Non-canon: The Insta-Cat and Redi-Dog. 241; 245
Bucky has ideas for "food" products. 244
Bucky steals Rob's cell phone. 250-251
Bucky gets a studded collar. 253


  • This is the first Get Fuzzy official Treasury.
  • The treasury's title, "Groovitude", is a catchphrase of Bucky's in the book.
    • Bucky later says "Groovitude" is a state of mind.
  • Groovitude was last mentioned in The Potpourrific Great Big Grab Bag of Get Fuzzy.