This is a list of policies, rules and guidelines for editing Get Fuzzy wiki. Please read these thoroughly before editing here.

Keep articles consistent.

Main Article: Get Fuzzy wiki:Manual of Style

Please try to keep all pages in the same format as each other.

Maintain a neutral point of view.

This wiki does NOT follow the perspective of any character or viewpoint. We all know Bucky is insane, but we don't need say that about everything he does.



  • So-and-so is one of Bucky's insane projects.


  • So-and-so is a project created by Bucky.


  • Reed is a big jerk to everyone.


  • Reed's actions often irritate others.

Write in an In-Universe perspective

Please write articles as if you were a part of this universe yourself, except in the trivia section.

No speculation, please.

Get Fuzzy wiki is no place to post your fan theories. However, MINOR speculation is allowed in an article's trivia section. If you want to speculate further, do so on our forums.

Keep it PG!

Get Fuzzy appeals to readers of all ages. So please keep the content of this wiki family friendly.

Wikia rules apply

Since we are hosted by that site and currently have no plans of moving, we must acknowledge and obey their rules.


Main Article: Get Fuzzy wiki:Canon Policy

While there is no established canon in the Get Fuzzy universe, we have rules as to what is and isn't part of the continuity.

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