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Fuzzy Logic: Get Fuzzy 2
Book Information
Publisher: Andrews McMeel Publising
Release Date: April 1, 2002
Pages: 128
Collection Type: Collection

Fuzzy Logic: Get Fuzzy 2 is the second Get Fuzzy collection that was released on April 1, 2002. It contains strips from June 18, 2000 to March 25, 2001.

Publisher's Summary Edit

Perfect Praise for Peculiar Pets

"Get Fuzzy is the only comic we've ever added that had readers calling to tell us how much they loved it - right from the start. That's never happened before!"-Laura Groch, features editor, North County Times

"Get Fuzzy meets the test of what we're looking for in new comics. It's funny, engaging, and more than a little different."-Peter Bhatia, executive editor, Oregonian

"Bucky's and Satchel's personalities are so perfect that Darby Conley must have a cat and a dog of his own...Most mornings I laughed out loud."-Sue Smith, deputy managing editor, Dallas Morning News

"The humor is a wickedly authentic blend of young-professional-bachelor schtick and pets-from-hell high jinks...And perhaps best of all, the strip keeps getting better."-Diane Bacha, assistant managing editor, Milwaukee Journal-Sentinal

Storylines Included Edit

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