Frodo Cattins
Frodo Cattins
Gender: Male
Species/Breed: Cat
Enemies: Rob Wilco (?)
Friends: Bucky Katt
First Appearance: November 29, 2002

Frodo Cattins is a black cat who looks at the world from a Lord of the Rings perspective. He sees himself as Frodo Cattins, (parody of "Frodo Baggins", a character from LOTR) and sees it as his duty to destroy the "ring" (Bucky's collar) by throwing it into the furnace (he also deludes himself into thinking it is magic: he is first introduced standing motionless in front of Rob, thinking that he is invisible while he is holding it). He thinks that Rob and Satchel are the equivalents of Sauron ("evil overlord") and his orcs ("ugly, half-wit, goblin-like henchman"), respectively. He ended up being taken home by his owners, who lived 20 miles away and had been missing him for weeks.

Trivia Edit

  • Frodo Cattins resembles Bucky in some ways, and Rob initially mistook him for Bucky.