Gender: Male
Species/Breed: Cat
Occupation: None
Hobbies: Searching for Food
Friends: Bucky Katt

Mac Manc McManx

Rob Wilco

First Appearance: February 19, 2007

Foodar is apparently a Canadian cat who has a bizarre radar-like-seventh sense (according to Bucky, all cats have six, with the sixth being knowing which humans are afraid of them or dislike them; they then sit on their laps) that allows him to detect food. Foodar's ability is apparently limited to meat and grain based foods, as he has been shown to be unable to detect fruits and vegetables, claiming he does not recognize these as food (this makes sense as cats are naturally carnivorous and fruits and vegetables do not smell). When he finds food, his tail typically stands up. He is even able to detect living people, with him unknowingly being able to sense Satchel, who he described as "a sense of low-quality meat." His name is a pun on 'food' and 'radar'.


He was first introduced as a friend of Bucky's who snuck into the apartment while Rob was on a business trip. He, along with Chubby Huggs, Mac Manc McManx, and Shakespug, were stray pets that stayed in Rob's apartment for a few weeks. Rob is later seen mentioning to Satchel that he used tuna to lure Foodar out of the apartment. On the December 3, 2012 strip Foodar was mentioned, but not seen. Bucky said he was in a focus group with Chubby Huggs and Satchel.


  • Originally, Foodar's fur was grey, then two weeks later, it's brown.
  • Foodar can sense food up to ten yards away

First AppearanceEdit

Foodar 1st

Foodar's first appearance.