Filthy Frazier

Filthy Frazier is a vicious, bad-tempered dog. One day Satchel caught Bucky "soap-bombing" a dog called "Filthy Frazier", who appears to be insane. He threatens to kill Bucky, but Bucky continues to soap bomb him, but the fight ended with Bucky mooning Frazier from the window infuriating Frazier into an attempt to kill him. But then, contrary to what Satchel and Bucky believed, Filthy Frazier did get into the building and later attacked Rob viciously in the hallway. Rob tells Bucky that he owes him a new suit. Filthy Frazier tells Rob, later, to put Bucky out there and that he'd make "gut-tar" (guitar) strings out of him ("You Cat threw thing at me. Put him out here. Me make Gut-Tar strings of him"). Soon Satchel and Bucky discover Frazier and Rob hugging and crying, due to Rob telling Frazier that he has to live with Bucky and his bad attitude. His last appearance was when Bucky caught him on a string around his muzzle.