Born: Unknown, possibly 1996
Gender: Male
Species/Breed: Dog/German Shepherd?
Occupation: Bomb-Sniffing Dog
Hobbies: Unknown
Current Location: Unknown
Enemies: Satchel Pooch (possibly)
Friends: Oreo
First Appearance: February 18, 2002

Chaser is an FBI bomb sniffing dog who plays in Satchel's Playgroup. He claims his full name is "Geoge's Master Of Fear Red Chaser", though this has not been confirmed to be true. Satchel and Chaser are rivals because they both have the same Love Intrest. Satchel talked to Rob about him and said that he couldn't compete with a bomb dog like him.


Chaser has detected at least 23 explosive devices to date. He describes is job as a bomb dog as: "I work for the FBI, responding to specific threats against U.S interests by searching for powder; ammonia; gel; and plastic based explosives." One time he detected and assisted in the neuralization of a rogue bomber at a U.S government checkpoint.