Born: Unknown
Gender: Female
Occupation: None
Hobbies: Unknown
Current Location: Unknown
Enemies: none
Friends: Bucky Katt,

Satchel Pooch, Rob Wilco, Mrs. Wilco (Owner)

Buttercup is a cat belonging to Mrs. Wilco. She is shy, but aggressive. Mrs. Wilco, who had adopted Rob's vegetarian lifestyle, took it to a level Rob hadn't (and definitely wouldn't consider) with Bucky, and started feeding Buttercup vegetarian cat food. Buttercup asks Satchel to kill her, and just before they leave, Buttercup attacks Rob, begging for tuna. Rob gave Buttercup $400 and a Buddy's Barbecue take-out menu, from which she ordered "15 #5's with extra pig".

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