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These are all Cults started by Bucky.

Can Opener-Worship Edit

Bucky once received an electric can opener for Christmas and worshiped it.


  • Bucky

Self-Worship Edit

In 2004 Bucky said the Pledge of Allegiance should include His God- Himself. This is obviously a Cult.


  • Bucky

Unnamed Cult Edit

This cult was in only one strip. Bucky was head of this cult, and to signify it wore a hat made from a Chocolate Ice Cream Carton with a Tassel taped to the top called "El Grand Fez de Cultolate". Bucky wasn't shure what they believed in yet, but was working on guidelines to make Children "Go to Cult School 16 hours a day to learn the Cultisms". He was also trying to convert professional athletes because he thought they would be stupid enough to join. He also tried to covert Rob.


  • Bucky

Shiny-Po Cult Edit

Bucky once claimed to both Rob and Satchel that he was "Shiny-Po, the Sun God", presumably in an Avatar state. He claimed this about the time he invented the pseudo-Scientific "Big Bonk Theory".


  • Bucky

Buckaji Cult Edit

Main Article: Guru Buckaji

After being scared by Satchel's Halloween costume, Bucky claimed to have attained inner peace and started a cult of "Indiana Spirituality". It combined Hindu, Indian Buddhist, and Jain mysticism with Bucky's strange tendencies.


  • Buckaji
  • Satchel


  • The Prayer Bucky used to worship the can opener was: "Oh great and holy can opener, I know I am not worthy of your greatness, but I love you."
  • In Devanagari, "Buckaji" is वहमकरग.

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