Cat Conference
Type: Meeting
Date: March 15, 2002
Place: Bucky's Closet
Participants: Bucky B. Katt

Calico Dave

First Apperance: March 07, 2002 (Planned)

March 15, 2002

 This conference between Calico Dave and Bucky B. Katt  was held in Bucky's closet in 2002. The topic of the conference is unknown.


After the Inaugural Conference on World Canine Relations, Bucky was jealous that he didn't get to have a conference, as Rob didn't want to have a bunch of cats in his home. However, after several attempts at persuasion, including trying to attack him with a tivo, Rob allowed him to have the meeting, though only Calico Dave arrived. After a brief conversation, Dave ate all the anchovy puffs Bucky had put out as snacks, threw up in Bucky's drawer and left early because he only likes to use his own litter box.


  • Bucky originally planned for other cats to come, but only Dave showed up.

First ApperanceEdit

Catconferance 1stmo

First Mention of the conference.

Dave 1st

First appearance of the conference

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