"100% clean energy from 100% filthy monkeys!" -Bucky

Bucky selling the Bono-Bo-Vac T-Shirt
Type: Energy
Founder: Bucky
Current Leader: Bucky
Notable Members: Bucky

Bono-Bo-Vac is a company invented by Bucky to sell "Monkey Batteries", as a source of clean energy and entertainment.



Bono-Bo-Vac Origins Edit

"All you need is to put Gatorade, Copper Thingys and a Monkey in a Thermos and BAM! Electricity!" -Bucky

Bucky, after studying battery diagrams, became convinced that Monkeys were a lacking component in batteries. He told his plans to Satchel in an attempt to get sponsorship. He also tried to get money from Rob. Rob didn't give Bucky money because Bucky didn't know if he could make Electricity that way. Bucky responded by saying, "Maybe, but but this is primarily an entertainment company! Any electricity generated is just a bonus!" As a result, Rob said he was insane and declined to give him money.

Bono-Bo-Vac Art Show Edit

After Bucky gave up on Bono-Bo-Vac, he exhibited his diagrams at an "art" show.


  • The company's name is a parody of the battery brand Rayovac.