Agent Bob Jimbob is a agent of the "Intelligence Department, Institute of the International Cathood", unknowingly also creating the possible acroymn, "Idiotic." He was hired by Bucky to search for his closet door, which had been stolen by Fungo Squigly and his friends (minus Satchel). He shows himself to be rather friendly (although slightly paranoid), with him proudly stating himself to be a secret agent. Also, he carries a spy kit. Despite his compotence with spy knowledge, he is surprised when Satchel talks about James Bond, and is confused when Satchel also states that he says his name like James Bond (who often says, "The name's Bond, James Bond."), making him now think that James Bond's name is Bond James Bond. He, along with Bucky, also do not know what a palindrome is (a word that can be spelled and said the same way both forwards and backwards), causing them to believe that it is a spy term, with him comically stating after looking is his spy book, "My Cat! They're (palindromes) so secret that they're not in the book!!!!"